2020-2021 Competitive Coach Selections

The GCGH is fortunate to announce our initial coaching selections for the 2020-2021 season. There was a significant number of applications this year, and we would like to thank all candidates for applying.  The remainder of the coaching positions will be filled during the competitive tryout period.

U9 (Novice)Scott McAdamscottm613@icloud.com
U11 AA (Atom)Todd Houstonhuuey27@hotmail.com
U11 B (Atom)Derek McKluskydeeks11@hotmail.com
U13 A (Peewee)Matt Thompsonthesensfan@gmail.com
U13 BB (Peewee)Anthony Fellbaumanthony.fellbaum@gmail.com
U13 B (Peewee)Dave Zitofamillezito@gmail.com
U13 C (Peewee)Jessica Wilsonjwil68@hotmail.com
U15 AA (Bantam)Jason McKenziestarscoachjason@gmail.com
U15 A (Bantam)John Bower (non-parent)jdabower@sympatico.ca
U15 BB (Bantam)Luc Nadongcghcoachluc@gmail.com
U15 B (Bantam)Kevin Aspilakdaspila@gmail.com
U15 C (Bantam)TBDal@kaponline.com
U18 AA (Midget)Chris Boneschris19bones@gmail.com
U18 A (Midget)Al Julienkrisandal.julien@rogers.com
U18 BB (Midget)Mike Byrnemikenbyrne@gmail.com
U18 B Team 1Marc Soucymarcsoucy22@hotmail.com
U18 B Team 2Ryan O'Donnellryano6406@gmail.com
U21 AADarren Proulxdproulx@dcvproulx.com