We are all trying to find a way to get the girls back on the ice in as safe an environment as possible. We believe that Associations will be allowed to “Return to Hockey” in the next few weeks with the small group sessions (10 or less in total).

In order for us to plan for this return to hockey scenario, we need all members to register for the upcoming season as an intent to play. If you intend to play, it is very important that you register now as per above. The initial costs will be based on the number of sessions we will be able to offer. This will be dependent on the availability and cost of ice. If teams are officially formed at a later date a new fee structure will be determined based on the format that the season will take.

The return to hockey in the first phase will look very different from normal. The goal is to get players back on the ice. In order to ensure that we are being as transparent as possible, we need you to know what you are registering for at this time.

  • This phase will be development/skills sessions and will most likely go until at least January. We will be reassessing continually based on the health guidelines and OWHA.
  • Competitive groups will start in August. House league and Novice/Atom will start in September(as originally planned)
    Most likely no tournaments or out of town games
  • The groups of up to 9 for development will be formed based on skill level, tier from previous season and evaluations enabling us to move forward quickly if team formation is allowed at a later date.
  • We will strive to add some competition elements to these sessions to keep the players engaged and having fun.
  • There will be no tryouts, if and when official teams are formed
  • You can only play with the Association you were registered with last season. The first phase does not allow for imports or new registrations.
  • The return to hockey will be skills-based and will be following social distancing guidelines
  • Only coaches who coached last year will be able to coach a “group” of skaters.

The deadline to register is July 15th. The registration link will be closed after this date. It’s imperative that we have everyone who intends to participate to register by this deadline so that we can plan accordingly. We have 2 different links to register. If you intend to play the 2020-2021 Competitive Season, please register using the Competitive link. If your interest is to play house league for the upcoming season, please register using the House League link.

Once we get all the registration info we will start the process of planning out the different groups.

Thanks again and hope to see you all soon!


  1. Steve on July 7, 2020 at 11:00 pm

    The ODWHA hasn’t posted any information on a return to play plan and is waiting for direction from the OWHA. Checking the OWHA’s site, their return to play plan has several phases and stages. Which specific phase and specific stage are we currently at, and/or what stage will we be at when returning to on ice play?

    Has there been any updated information regarding a return to play plan, as the OWHA’s plan was posted almost a month ago on June 10th? If so, from whom?

    How was the decision made regarding only development/skills sessions until at least January? No time line was given on the OWHA’s site. What were the reasons and criteria in making this decision at this time? As an example, currently Cumberland soccer has resumed play, practice/development only, with small sided(7 vs 7, or 5 vs 5) games hoping to commence July 17th-as per approval. This would be far in advance of any return to play procedures for hockey.

    Groups of 9 are to be based on last seasons tier as well as evaluations-who will be making these evaluations and will there be specific sessions and/or drills used in conducting said evaluations?

    What competition elements are being considered to keep things fun and players engaged? Ideas so far? Would this happen only when contact is allowed?

    If there are no tryouts, how are teams formed? Evaluations were mentioned above.

    Has there been any official information release regarding a player being restricted to their current association from the ODWHA, or any other agreements between associations?

  2. Mark Durand on July 12, 2020 at 9:43 am

    All associations in Ottawa are being patient and exploring options – All have asked for patience and understanding from their communities
    Kanata last updated their news site on May 27th – Nepean has the same message as everyone else – Ottawa updated June 10th with a link to OWHA’s return to play guidelines.
    Everyone is doing their best and they are all volunteers at the board level. They are working with the information they have at hand.

    All associations, per their web pages, are in the same boat.

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