What will hockey look like? As a member of OWHA, we must follow their guidelines. These are outlined on their website in details, but in summary:

As previously communicated, tryouts or sort-outs are not permitted. Players will be placed on teams based on skills, previous year’s evaluations, previous year team and level, feedback from prior years coach, collaborative discussion between various level coaches, and in consultation with the Board. For house league, teams will be balanced using similar criteria as stated above.

  • Tier 1&2 teams will be announced by September 1st.
  • All other teams will be announced by September 5th.

SEASON FORMAT ( Sept. 1st - until TBA)
It will not be a traditional hockey season. Initially, it will be a return to modified practice and play. This will start with a two-week development/skills phase, followed by competition (modified game play) in a 4 vs 4 format. The modified game play must follow OWHA requirements as outlined in the document in regard to physical distancing and contact.

Each of the teams will be part of an “extended group” of 50 participants. This can either be with teams from other associations or from within GCGH. Coaches will make this determination.

Each team will be allocated the same amount of ice that has been allocated in past seasons. There will be no travel or tournaments.

We have lowered our registration fee for this year. The registration fee covers the initial ice allocation, insurance, OWHA, ODWHA and MOGL fees etc. The fees have been reduced this year since we are not playing any games, therefore we do not have league or ref fees to cover. However, should there be a return to league play and normal games resume, there may be an additional fee asked of parents later in the season. Costs will not go above last year’s total fees.

You should also see a reduction in your team fees and fundraising. These extra costs will be lower due to a lack of tournaments and travel-related costs.

The OWHA and GCGH are following the Public Health Guidelines. If the season has to be postponed/cancelled due to a change in the current COVID environment, prorated and fair refunds will be issued.

The overall goal is to return to traditional hockey at some time in the future. The introduction of this will be in compliance with the Ontario Government Emergency Order and OWHA policies.